New Lead Acid Batteries Are better than Old ones :-)

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In my small RV setup with a small PV system, I was having terrible problems. I finally realized "hey, my house batteries are 5+ years old and have been abused multiple times". Bought some new Costco-brand GC2s. Took them camping. Came back to the van, and saw the PV charge controller only delivering ".15 amps" in full sun (it maxxes out at just over 5 amps).

Oh *crud* I thought, yet another problem with my system...

Took me a few minutes to realize the charge controller was limiting charge since the batteries were 100% topped off, in spite of various RV loads (lighting, 12V fridge, etc.).

Now, I'm sure the honeymoon won't last, but for the moment, it's a nice feeling.


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    Re: New Lead Acid Batteries Are better than Old ones :-)

    I am having a similar reaction to my new battery bank, trying to determine what is normal since it is reacting differently from my 12 year old battery bank. Like the Bulk Charge Timer is not taking the full set time before it goes to Float, the old bank took the whole time. Still trying to find the answers and hopefully everything I learn is positive as you found, lol.
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    Re: New Lead Acid Batteries Are better than Old ones :-)

    Don't forget to grab a hydrometer and test the SG on those batteries to ensure that you really are getting to 100%.
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