Magnum Inverters-Can you recommend them?

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Can anyone give me some feedback or recommendations on the Magnum Inverters? Looking at the MS-AE4024. Also, is there a site anywhere to post PV equipment for sale? We are considering selling our Trace 4024 inverter and purchasing the new Magnum.


  • Solar Guppy
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    Re: Magnum Inverters-Can you recommend them?

    eBay is the best place to sell equipment by far
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    Re: Magnum Inverters-Can you recommend them?

    I have been using and installing Magnum inverters and when coupled with Midnite Solar's Epanel they make a very clean, safe and easy install. i would highly recommend there products .
    check them both out
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    Re: Magnum Inverters-Can you recommend them?

    I installed a Magnum MS4448AE at my off grid Cabin in Colorado one year ago. I used a pre-wired Midnite Solar E-Panel as recommended in a previous post. Both the inverter and panel were very easy to install and setup. The inverter has been flawless. My cabin is part time vacation use. I do run power tools from the inverter with no problems.


    MS4448AE, Midnite E-Panel, MX60, 390AH at 48V AGM batteries, 600W PV (soon to be 1200W)
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    Re: Magnum Inverters-Can you recommend them?

    I bought my first Magnum in January and it has been "on" continuously since then (not using 'sleep' mode because our fridge requires constant power).

    No problems whatsoever, but when I initially purchased it there was an issue and Magnum really stepped up to the plate:

    That support was so good I'd buy Magnum again (unless this one goes belly up shortly after the warranty expires).

    I replaced a very old Heart Interface and never had problems with that one, so I never had to contact Heart tech support. Same with the Xantrex we've had for a decade (it's still in service for our water pump only, the Heart is in the garage waiting for a friend to pick up for his houseboat).