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This seemed real simple to me but has become big deal. I want to power my deep well that has the typical household 240v wiring: L1 120v and L2 120v = 240v

Purchased a 240v inverter and all it has is a 240v plug. No 120v channels.

Can anyone help me find a inexpensive inverter or inverter combo for an emergency backup?

Thanks for any reply.


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    Re: 120/240

    You can use an Outback (or equivalent) autotransformer to take 240 in and 120/240 vac out.

    Or, for a not cheap inverter, look at the Xantrex XW 4/6 kW (both hybrid and off-grid versions available) inverters they have center tapped 240 VAC out.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: 120/240

    Thanks Bill! I will try look at that.

    The only option I found was the Zantrex T-240 that is a expensive option.... like buying a transformer for a transformer.
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    Re: 120/240

    Just use one of the legs of the 240. Make sure you don't connect anything of too high amp onto it or you may not be able to use the well pump at the same time. But, one leg of the 240 is 120. No problem. Use the same ground.
    edit,,,, I have never seen a " cheap" 240 volt inverter. Only cheap 120 volt.
    You must have bought a European inverter. 50 cyc. No good for you.
    Plus, a well pump uses a lot of amps, especially to start depending on hp and head pressure.
    You more than likely will need a new and correctly sized "true "inverter. inverter.
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    Re: 120/240

    this is a 60 hz inverter right? there have been a ton of 50 hz 240v inverters floating around ebay. for a decent price and a great product look into Magnum energy's 120/240 volt inverter and to make a nice, easy, safe and clean install check out midnite solar's epanel