24V RV Conversion

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The more and more I read, and from my own electrical engineering background, it seems that 24VDC is really the sweet spot for MPPT charge controllers on small PV systems. I want to convert my RV to 24V, and was wondering if anyone here has done that? Sure makes the wiring easier.

I have ordered some buck converters to start to play with to see how my RV's various systems work when using them (or better, how they handle the loads). I have a good 24VDC switcher that I can use to test so I can get data before I commit to adding two more GC2's and finding a suitable safe location for them other than the already overloaded tongue.

Other than the starter motor on the honda genset, all the 12V loads are relatively small, save for the Power awning. I have the charge wire on the Honda EV disconnected so it does burn it's charging stator out fighting with the RV's charger, but more than likely, I will also need to add a motorcycle 12V battery to start said honda, so the charger on the honda will take care of that battery so long as I isolate it from the rest, and reconnect the charge wire to it. Just another battery I don't want to deal with, but I think the 100A or so the starter draws will fry a buck converter or require a crazy expensive one... Anyone know if there is a Honda 24V starter?

What is 12V:
Refer controls
AC controls
roof vent fans
AV system
power awning
water heater controls
genset starter

Most of these loads are very small, my lighting is all LED. The controls for the AC and Fridge are not huge, the fridge is a 2 way only.

What about tapping the 12V between banks just to start the genny, and perhaps the awning?

24V also opens up a bunch of opportunities for solenoids for water, etc. I have tons of 24VDC "stuff".

I do need the genset for the AC when camping in the desert.

The RV's WFCO charger will probably "go away".


I'm really anticipating 24 or even 48V systems to debut in autos any year now...


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    Re: 24V RV Conversion
    ZoNiE wrote: »
    I'm really anticipating 24 or even 48V systems to debut in autos any year now...

    Don't hold your breath.
    For most automotive applications there is no reason to go with 24 VDC and a fairly good one to avoid it: arc point.

    Considering the list of items you have that need 12 Volts I'd stick with it. The 24 Volt advantage doesn't show up unless you have: A). high storage capacity needs or; B). high current power needs or; C). long wire runs. In mobile applications these don't usually arise.

    As for going to 24 Volts and then down-converting to 12 to run everything, well that Voltage drop comes at a cost and can pretty much negate the advantage of going up to 24 Volts to begin with. Converting everything to 24 Volts could be a giant pain in the anatomy requiring some pretty long search times.

    On the whole it's the reason why I say mobile applications are one of the few where staying with 12 Volts makes sense.
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