dual axis tracking system

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I am trying to design dual axis tracker, Here zenith & azimuth i got from Nrel MIDC calculator and MC zenith/ azimuth angle got from the Microcontroller output. Now my question here is in order to design dual axis tracker what are the angle need to be consider. how to determine exact sun position. Is there any equation related here. As it said zenith & azimuth itself gives sun position. is right or wrong.
After 12.30 here azimuth angle changed to 337 degree. So in order to design dual axis How motor action should be.
I am using 2 linear actuator and inclinometer to determine the angle of tracker.

can someone share me the algorithm how can i proceed further.

I got the below answer from the link.



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    Re: dual axis tracking system

    you can find some discussion about a solar tracker in this thread http://www.wiredpakistan.com/index.php?/topic/21710-solar-system-with-tracker/
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    Re: dual axis tracking system

    Don't forget to compare the output of your dual axis array with a 'virtual array' , more panels arranged at 2 different directions. PV is so cheap right now it may the lesser cost option..
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