USED UPS - any info

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I have been given a used UPS that was working until removed from service years ago

INFO I Have:
- appears to be made/sold as "ITT Power Systems" - with "VIP Executive" on front
- part # 6101103, made 1991
- output 120 VAC, 10.4 Amp, 60 Hz
- has what appears to be 9 pin serial connection for computer (no software etc. to check)
-was told it originally had 6 yuasa sealed batteries
- powered up & with no batteries it delivers 80.6 VDC to the battery connections so I suspect 6, 12V batteries were in series

Since I haven't been able to find any info on this unit I would appreciate any links anyone may have. Specifically I would be interested if there is any software configure or for logging purposes, and if it would be feasible to use as an inverter/charger (I'm assuming it's pure sine). If indeed it's for a 72VDC battery, I doubt it has any real use in a solar application. Thoughts?



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    Re: USED UPS - any info

    I have a 2kw 110v/30amp rack mount ups and a 3kw 240v/50a floor ups and both have expansion battery packs. I have 1 45w harbor freight solar kit. I also recovered 16 x100ah 12v batteries from a large UPS that was 3 yrs old. I have a 5000w Onan generator that can run on gasoline or CNG. I am in the process of trying to put all this cool stuff to use as a backup long-term power source.

    You can find really cool free software online. many have network cards and the software can be run from any ware and even email you when the power goes out. They also keep a log on the incoming grid current and can tell you how long the batteries will provide at the current load.

    I think an ups will make a great instant backup generator incase power goes out. We have these running our server rooms up at work. The big ups has a breaker box on the wall with a 240v/50a twist plug going to the back of this ups. The box leads out to 6 wall outlets at 120v/15a. The room has power for about 1hr before the low battery alarm sounds. We have a generator that takes 45sec before it restores full power back to our server room. So I have to unplug the ups to test its run time.

    I hope this helps!
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    Re: USED UPS - any info

    i didn't find your ups specifically and i even found this page to be intriguing . this seems to be a big company and one that inflates its own view of itself imho, but this link below may also be the place that the ups was made. without listings of specific products it's hard to tell, but an email to them mave prove fruitfull.
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