Solar installation schematic

Redford Solar Expert Posts: 38 ✭✭
I have acquired most of the parts to set up this installation, which I hope to begin putting together this week.

I have a few questions before I start of which I hope that someone can help me with.

1) Should I reference the negative buss on the DC load center to ground?

2) Also with the Trimetric 2020.....Until I can afford to get an inverter with a switching circuit to hook the genny up to, all I have is an automotive charger that plugs into an AC outlet. I'm assuming for the meter to measure the incoming current, the "-" lead will have to be on the buss side of the shunt. Does anyone see any problems with this? Should I even be concerned with measuring incoming current from the charger? The Genny is an EU300is and has a DC charger option but I cant use AC and the DC charger at the same time.

3) Also with the "+" lead to the trimetric, should it be moved to the opposite pos "+" terminal. I try to hook the battery connections up so the draw is diagonal (on opposite batt posts)

4) Any problems with sharing a ground with morningstar circuits (DC) and the AC load center? The manual says it's recommended, but not required....if there will be any harmonic disturbances or the like, might I be better off to go without? I have set up a really good earth ground as far as earth resistance.

5) If there are any other questions/concerns please let me know!