4 X 12v AGM's inverter recommendations

I've currently got 2 x 235w-24v panels feeding an outback MPPT 60 to 4 x 12v AGM's in parallel to a 12v 2000 Prowatt inverter. Which I learned this is not ideal.
So if I were to buy a new inverter, what would be best a 24v or a 48v?


  • CariboocootCariboocoot Banned Posts: 17,615 ✭✭
    Re: 4 X 12v AGM's inverter recommendations

    What do you need to run from the inverter?
    If the 2kW Prowatt was good enough then going up to a 24 Volt 2kW inverter should be fine: you will improve the current issues without major upgrade expense (going to 48 requires changes in disconnects and over-current protection to accommodate the higher operating Voltage).
  • 8lander8lander Registered Users Posts: 18
    Re: 4 X 12v AGM's inverter recommendations

    The supply from the 2000w inverter works great for the RV.
    So a parallel/series batteries for 24v input would be the better more cost effective way to go.
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