What are Used Solar panels Worth?

I have two hot water solar panels, they are made by Radco products Inc, Model 408P-HP and have a 32.28 Sq. Ft. of surface area each (46 x 101.5 inches). They are about 15 years old. The sealing caulk for the glass is dried up, but it appears I could remove the the tops of them easily enough clean and reseal them with new caulk. Any thoughts. I was hoping they be worth about $400 each, since new panels are well over $1,000.


  • Solar GuppySolar Guppy Solar Expert Posts: 1,963 ✭✭✭
    Re: What are Used Solar panels Worth?

    The only real value is the copper inside them. I've seen panels last year like this for 100.00 bucks cash and carry, a warehouse full an no takers.

    Only the most die-hard solar do-it-yourself type would buy them for re-use and honestly, at 15 years, there at end-of-life. Its not worth the labor to repair them, all of course is IMHO
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    Re: What are Used Solar panels Worth?

    Aloha, at 15 years old they are just worth the copper. They start leaking and with the gasket drying up, you would need to find a person off the radar that would not consider the tax credits and buy new ones. Try Craigslist and try for $250.00 each, take $100.00
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