wind turbine parts

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getting ready to raise my 10 ft wind turbine here in Maine and looking for an economical source for guy wire and accessories. any recommendations?


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    Re: wind turbine parts

    First, I'd like to point out that our forum host has wind tower kits at this link:

    Some of these kits may seem expensive at first, but when you begin to add up all the little pieces and the gas you use to run around finding them all, the price may not seem so high afterall. In fact, I used one of the 42 ft Whisper 500 tower kits for my Skystream.

    Farm supply stores are usually a good place for the galvanized wire, thimbles and turnbuckles. However, be careful of the cable clamps you find. Some are really cheap(made in China) and are not forged/galvanized.

    Ham Radio stores are usually a good source also. Ham Radio Outlet has a few stores on the east coast.

    Here's an online source(note: cable clamps are not forged/galvanized, but other items are good):

    I haven't used the following company, but it looks like they have good stuff:

    Finally, I don't know how far along you are with concrete anchors/eye-bolts, but here's a link to a store where I bought my forged/galvanized eye-bolts:

    Don't forget the ground rods!

    Hope this helps,
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    Re: wind turbine parts has lots of stuff

    Dan Lenox
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