newbie question ... proper terms ?

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If I understand correctly ...

photo votaic = PV

solar hot water = SHW

My question? What's the correct abreviation for active or passive systems for heating ones home using solar energy ?


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    Re: newbie question ... proper terms ?

    Passive or Active,,,

    I've never seen an abreviation for either.

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    Re: newbie question ... proper terms ?

    If you are trying to find out about general solar RE systems and homes--you might wish to subscribe to Home Power Magazine (if you have not already). They have a few past issues on-line for your review (and the entire archive online if you subscribe).

    There have been some very nice solar projects documented on the web... But it helps to know what you are looking for and where the system(s) would be installed (many of the ideas/suggestions are very location/climate specific).

    Do you have any specific questions?

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