Installation with Multiple Schneider XW 80-600 Charge Controllers

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Im installing a Schneider solution for the first time using 2 XW80 - 600 charge controllers with one Xantrex XW 6048 inverter. Need to know how to connect the Charge Controllers to the batteries. Will i use seperate breakers for each charge controller? also can i connect the two positives from each charge controller and then take one single wire to the batteries?

Also can i attach 3 cables together (1 from inverter and 2 from charge controller) together and then take a single wire down to the batteries?

Second question if i connect the SCP to the inverter and do the settings are they automatically passed on to each charge controller or will i have to apply settings to each component seperately?



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    Re: Installation with Multiple Schneider XW 80-600 Charge Controllers

    Welcome to the forum.

    A bit short on details, but yest each charge controller needs its own breaker on the output. As for combining them before going to the batteries, that depends on the battery bank specifics. If you really need two 80 Amp controllers you would have a very large battery bank and that may be comprised of multiple strings connected to bus bars which is where the charge controllers and inverter would also connect. Each circuit from these bar would have its own over-current protection.

    Each component in the system needs to be programmed with the same specifications for charging. They will then communicate to 'agree' via the Xanbus.

    I am curious as to why you bought two $12000 charge controllers capable of 600 Volts input and 80 Amps output. That's a lot of money to shell out, and I fear it was a mistake. 160 Amps potential maximum current would do for 1600 Amp hours of battery, and at 48 Volts that would be a whopping 38kW hours of power available. If you do not have this huge battery bank chances are very good you've got one too many controllers, and even one of them was probably 2X as much money as you need to have spent.

    It's all a matter of details.
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