inverter compatability

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Having decided on my PV panels and MS45 MPPT charger controller
I have started to do some research into inverters
was slightly shocked to see that Morningstar does not have much range in this product line
I was thinking that purchasing my system components from the same manufacturer
would make the system more compatable however with Electronics now days i assume that i could use any of the more popular makes with no problem
the Exeltech look to be well made and have good specs from what i have learned so far.
My 110 volt requirements will be initally very small but I will still include this in my system.


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    Re: inverter compatability

    For the most part it doesn't matter which components you choose; because there is no communication between charge controllers and inverters.

    Unless there is.
    When you get in to the larger units with built-in AC chargers then you can have (but do not necessarily need) communication. For example both Outback and Xantrex make integrated systems whose various components can "talk" to one another and share data about the batteries and charge stage.

    If you are building a large system such communication is necessary: stacked inverters need to communicated, multiple controllers work together better if they 'agree' on battery data (you can't beat MidNite's "Follow Me" function for this), and AC coupled systems work best when the two types of inverters are communicating (SMA) rather than just co-operating.

    Curiously the least important co-ordination is between controller and inverter, as usually the two are not charging at the same time. If they are there's even equipment to handle that: Outback's Flexnet DC can control multiple sources.

    But for one controller and one inverter (especially an non-charger type) there's no great need to have the two connected. You can choose whichever of each best suits your needs.