Heat your geyser and charge your batteries for lights at night

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Lekker new invention here in SA that I just stumbled across.

Using a MPPT controller the batteries are charged, for say lights at night, and once floating stage has been reached, all spare power in the MPPT is diverted to a DC/AC element.

And the best part! Using the GeyserWise Max, if by say 16h00 hours, the water is not up to your desired temp yet due to a rainy day, the GeyserWise Max can be programmed to automatically use grid power to heat the geyser those last few degrees for an hour or more, or to temp required, you decide.

And the cost ... it is to smile about IF you already have the panels and controller. Something like $150.00 for the small 1.2kw AC/DC element, retrofitted into you existing geyser.

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5kVA Victron Multiplus II, 5.2kW array, 14kWh DIYLifepo4 bank, all grid-tied.

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