Circuit breaker question for dc


I'm considering getting ABB:s circuit breakers. Datasheet here:$file/2CDC002157D0202_view.pdf

System is 12vdc, there's only led lights here. Will be two circuits, one for indoor lights, the other for outdoors lights.

this says min operating voltage is 12 vdc. I also asked the company about these and dc operation, and they said they are fine.

What do you think? Are these ok?
Or should I get Midnite DC Breakers form the shop here?
Pricewise there is no significant difference, it's just that Midnite isn't available here.. shipping takes time.


  • waynefromnscanadawaynefromnscanada Solar Expert Posts: 3,009 ✭✭✭✭
    Re: Circuit breaker question for dc

    Square D "QO" breakers are rated to 48 VDC, and aren't expensive.

    I find it interesting that the ones you list have this statement:
    "Min. operating voltage 12 V AC, 12 V DC"
    If there's a good reason for that, than you may be cutting it very close with your 12 volt system.
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    Re: Circuit breaker question for dc

    Get proper field tested industry standard breakers, order on line, right here. Why make things dificult?
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  • jcheiljcheil Solar Expert Posts: 722 ✭✭✭
    Re: Circuit breaker question for dc
    zoneblue wrote: »
    Get proper field tested industry standard breakers, order on line, right here. Why make things dificult?

    I agree. I mean, get the proper part for the job. The "true" DC breakers available from our host (and other places) are only a few $ more than trying to rig up the square-D stuff. I did exactly what you are wanting to do years ago and I wish I never did because I just ended up going with the proper breakers later on, wasting the money I spent on the square-d stuff, and have been much happier with them. Now, I am not saying I had any issues with the square-d ones, but it is just a cleaner install using the "specific" solar combiners and breakers.
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  • samppasamppa Registered Users Posts: 20
    Re: Circuit breaker question for dc

    Yeah, good advice.
    I found a Uk seller for midnite breakers, gonna order from there - I'm in Europe so ordering from here takes a bit too much time.
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