Solar Jobs

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Hi all,

I have always been interested in renewable energy and especially solar energy and I'd like to get involve and possibly start a career there. I've recently seen an article on how to get a job in solar.

Anyone here had a similar experience or a different one to share? I'm currently working in business so I guess I'd be more involved with that side of the industry but you need to know the basis...



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    Re: Solar Jobs

    What are you interested in (business side, getting in the field doing work, designing installations, repair, etc.)?

    Are you interested in becoming a licensed electrician or a full 4 year+ electrical/electronic engineering degree?

    Learning the basics will help you just about anywhere--Green or otherwise jobs.

    Being willing to move to where the work is (and this changes over time) will be a big help too--Great for singles, not so hot if you are married/kids/tied to your present location by family.

    If you are interested in Welding/Heavy equipment/other trades--Going to the oil patch(es) is a great way to make good money/get experience in this otherwise poor economy (in the US).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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