Toshibas newSCiB (Super Charge Ion Battery) battery tecnnology, a Li ion variant.

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there are some links to details on this new battery technology Li titanate being used in the 2 EV vehicles and for grid support in Japan.
They claim 6 minute recharge time to 80% SoC in 20Ah cell for an EV
24Cells for a 1100Wh battery for AC Inverter use
KID #51B  4s 140W to 24V 900Ah C&D AGM
CL#29032 FW 2126/ 2073/ 2133 175A E-Panel WBjr, 3 x 4s 140W to 24V 900Ah C&D AGM 
Cotek ST1500W 24V Inverter,OmniCharge 3024,
2 x Cisco WRT54GL i/c DD-WRT Rtr & Bridge,
Eu3/2/1000i Gens, 1680W & E-Panel/WBjr to come, CL #647 asleep
West Chilcotin, BC, Canada
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