Problem saving new voltage with Aurora Manager TL

Hello there,

I have an Aurora PVI-5000-OUTD-US GTI. The problem is that the grid voltage in the mornings is around 260v, just some days of the week (Sunday). So the inverter doesn't start those days. After some hours (around 10am) the voltage is around 258 and inverter starts just fine and continue working all day.

I downloaded the Aurora Manager TL v3.15, and change the U> voltage to 262v then the inverter works fine and I can produce 2 more kw than waiting until grid voltage drops.

Attachment not found.

I wrote this new value to the inverter (using write button) and after reading it again it shows my new value.

The problem is that after the inverter power off, the new value set is forgotten, and I need to write it again for that day. I read the manual and says that I only need to write the value, turn off the inverter and the value must continue there. But this is not happening.

Also I disconnect this inverter and tried with Aurora PVI-OUT 3.6. And the same thing, I can change the value, inverter start, but I can't save that value.

Does someone knows how to write permanently this value to the inverter?

Thankx in advance
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