pmg inside the nose cone ?

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Is there any advantage / disadvantage in having the generator inside the nose cone?


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    Re: pmg inside the nose cone ?

    You need to look at bearings, weather/water proofness, ease of service, how heavy the mounts are, any over-speed controls (brakes, feathering, furling, or just short out alternator, etc.). In general, it is a good idea to have at least two methods to slow down/stop a wind turbine.

    Also, you usually do not want any electronics in the turbine/nacelle... Everything is up high, subject to weather/ice/vibration, lighting). Having the charge controller/GT inverter on the ground is one less reason you have to go up high to fix something.

    If you can find anybody nearby that has flown the same model for 1+ years (and logged power output numbers) you can talk with--That is really helpful. There is a lot that can go wrong as the weather at the top of a tower is very severe.

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    Re: pmg inside the nose cone ?

    Thanks alot bro.
    I was looking at Aeolos 2kw and looks like its very sealed , look at pictures on google
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