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    Cariboocoot, I don't know how he arrived at that figure.My total wattage is 3710, possible 2450 at one time. This is what was returned from sales staff, 1331.1Wh average, 650W solar, 3116Wh Max, 12V, 680Ah batteries, 4841W max*** With 2 FX2524T inverters. I also wanted 48 volt system, but that was ignored.

    So in all likelihood a VFX3648 http://www.solar-electric.com/outback-power-pure-sinewave-inverter-vfx3648.html or MS4448PAE http://www.solar-electric.com/maenms4444wa.html would do it?

    There's $2,000 saved. :roll:
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    Thank you Cariboocoot.
    4-Canadian Solar CS330 in series/TraceSW4024/Midnite Classic 250 with Whiz Bang jr/8 L16-370ah 4S2P/ Propane Honda EU2000/Propane Champion3800/electric refrig/Wood heat/Propane tankless water heater/ Grundfos SQE well pump. adding 6 REC Twin Peak 350 watt panels
    Off grid in Upper peninsula Michigan