Reasons Behind Reduced Energy Use in the U.S.

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This report addresses the reasons behind the reduction in electrical energy use over the last several years in the U.S. Among their conclusions are the following" "Our various analyses suggest that energy efficiency has likely had a substantial impact on electricity use. Our analysis indicates that over the 1993-2012 period, changes in electricity use were most influenced by energy efficiency programs and policies, warmer weather, changes in gross domestic product (GDP), changes in electricity prices, and long-term trends. Over the more recent period of 2007-2012, savings from energy efficiency programs and policies and from warmer winter weather appear to be the most important contributors to declining electricity use."


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    Re: Reasons Behind Reduced Energy Use in the U.S.

    it would be interesting to read the whole report. it seems to me that although warmer weather could lighten the load on those that have resistance heaters it would also raise the electric use for the warmer months in terms of cooling and would apply to more people as there aren't wood burning or natural gas a/c systems in widespread use let alone if they exist.

    myself, we use more power now than in 1993, but less power now than in 2007 and this is because of my being single in '93 and my finally making progress against her wasteful habits.
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