air 30/40

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Is it possible to change the voltage of an air 30 or air 40 wind turbine? i.e 48v to 24v or 12 or 12v to 24v or 48v


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    Re: air 30/40

    i know it may be a stupid question but lets say i am stupid
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    AS received from the maker on that question: Yes just replace the rotor and electronics... and the cost is just short of buying a complete unit...
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    Re: air 30/40

    You can use an MPPT solar charger to down convert from higher voltage from the turbine to the lower voltage of the battery bank.

    Going the other way is possible, but not usually very economic (even less economic).

    In the end, you need to be sure your wind turbine will produce enough energy and last long enough to pay for the installation.

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