Magnum 3000w inverter in 50amp system

Hello, If I go the expensive route I will install a Magnum MSH-3012-M Hybrid PSW inverter/charger. I would want the ability to run the entire RV (not all at once of course) via this unit so would have to re-wire. Looking at WFCO's manual for the "8950/30 power distribution panel it looks like the right hand 50 amp breaker powers the breakers to the right of it and the left hand 50 amp breaker powers the breakers to the left of it.

I would have to switch the GFI and water heater so all my outlets were on the right hand 50 amp breaker. Next replace the full width 20 amp breaker for the main air conditioner with a double 20 like the ones way over on the left and reconnect the Ac to one of the new 20 amp breakers and move the micro to the other. Now I would have everything I will ever use on the "red leg" and would wire it through the inverter utilizing it's built in 60 amp transfer switch. Sound about right so far?



I would have all the left hand breakers off all the time as I would not use any of that stuff. I all ready have the ac plug from my refrigerator unplugged so it can never run on ac. The magnum manual states "The AC input and output neutrals must be isolated from each other, do not route the AC input and output neutrals to a common neutral bus." When I take the red leg loose from it's 50 amp breaker and extend it to the inverter with a length of 8/2 wire I would connect the neutral of this new wire to the neutral bus in the picture and the ground to the ground bus. Now with a second new length of 8/2 I would connect from the inverters ac output with the hot (black) going to the right hand 50 amp breaker but where will the neutral go?

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