Wiring in Series

I'm off-grid. My four 6-volt batteries are wired in series positive to negative to create a 24 volt system. I'm wiring my 24 volt solar panels in series to create a 48 volt system. Must I wire the solar panels positive to negative too, or does it not matter? Thanks.


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    Re: Wiring in Series

    Yes, same as the battery's. Series increases the voltage, parrallel increases the current, regardless what the power source is ( battery or panel )
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    Re: Wiring in Series

    I’m in the process of replacing the batteries, inverter, etc for my off-grid cabin. The old system is a 24 volt, 1200 amps consisting of 3 groups of 4 Trojan 6 volt batteries. I want to replace them with 12 volt AGM sun extender batteries. However, if I use the PVX-2580L batteries, I will need to have 12 batteries (6 pairs connected in parallel) to get up to 1500 amp-hours at 24 volts. It’s my understanding that you shouldn’t have more than 3 battery groups in parallel – is that correct? If so, how can I get more amps without having more than 3 battery groups in a parallel design?

    Thanks for any assistance
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    Re: Wiring in Series

    ideally you don't want too many paralleled strings, but it can be done as that isn't exactly written in stone. oversizing interbattery connections, as an example of what you could do, helps in such a case, but if this is unacceptable to you and you insist on concorde sun-xtenders you will either have to go with the 2v cells wired in series parallel as they're offered too as you can see by their website, ( http://www.sunxtender.com/xtender_main.php )
    or keep going with batteries like the trojans. that many 2v cells to wire would be a nightmare imho, but you won't get around having a wiring nightmare as you'd have more strings to wire with the 12v batteries. either way consider utilizing copper buss bars in the interbattery wiring.
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