Xantrex C35 LED Steady Orange.

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Hi Guys;
Does anyone know what a steady (non blinking) orange LED on a Xantrex C35 CC indicates? (in charge control mode). I don't find info on that anywhere....
And no, the LED isn't reversed polarity. The Xantrex CM meter doesn't indicate anything at all, just shows the backlight for moment.

Don't see anything fried on the circuit board, although I haven't checked any individual components yet.
Tried it on a different temporary setups of panels and batteries, and it does the same thing, no matter if in 12 or 24 V mode.
Doesn't seem to have any output to the batteries; Multimeter shows the Open Circuit Panel voltage when touching those connections, and battery voltage on the other connections.

Reset button doesn't do anything.

Thanks for any help


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    Re: Xantrex C35 LED Steady Orange.

    Sounds like the Microprocessor has died...

    All of the Orange LED error modes have a fast or slow LED blink. A solid LED will seem to indicate no processor activity.

    Did it use to work?

    There is one report a few years ago where the LED fell out of the socket and was plugged in backwards:
    tr0y wrote: »
    So I do think the 5 rapid blinks was / is the clue. After rereading the manual 5 rapid blinks equal the bulk stage of charging. So I went out to the trailer and reversed the LED and now I get 5 rapid green blinks to indicate bulk charging that would make sense.

    When I received the C35 the LED was loose in the box so I put it back in the ports on the main board, but there were no markings on either as to a proper install direction or polarity.

    So maybe it is working after all ?


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    Re: Xantrex C35 LED Steady Orange.
    BB. wrote: »
    Sounds like the Microprocessor has died...
    Did it use to work?

    Thanks, Bill. Yes, it worked for at least a year and a half in the current configuration.

    I had read the other thread you mentioned, was just hoping that there was a known, but unpublished diagnostic of the constant orange LED.
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