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Just wanted you to know that, after deleting individual PMs tonight, I encountered an error on the redirect page.

Do note I was redirected back to the inbox with no issues. So, other than the text showing (attached screenshot, below), the software still functioned properly:

Attachment not found.

At the time of the error, had read an individual PM, scroll down and tick the check box, and click "Delete". It repeated this every time.


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    Re: Attn: Forum Administrator

    I believe there is still one more major upgrade due for the forum... I have seen some random script error messages and other soft errors... I will let Rick know in the morning (point to this thread).

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    Re: Attn: Forum Administrator

    I noticed another error a couple of days ago. I neglected to report it as I got side tracked. Anyway, here it is:

    Above the Advanced Search Feature
    Attachment not found.
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