low voltage disconnects on charge controllers

I am trying to decide which charge controller to buy. One feature that I think will be really useful to me is the low voltage disconnect. I am planning a small RE system where I'll be running some DC loads. In order to get this functionality it seems like I need to buy a charge controller with that functionality. One one hand, I'm considering the morningstar prostar PS-30M because it has all the features I need, but doesn't have MPPT, so lower output. My other consideration is the Solar Boost 2000E from Blue Sky but it lacks the low voltage disconnect. Is there any product or any way I can get all the features I want?


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    Re: low voltage disconnects on charge controllers

    The Outback MX60 charge controller offers MPPT, and its user-programmable AUX function can be configured to trip a relay for LVD. Before deciding on which way to go, I recommend you read this previous "To MPPT or not MPPT" discussion.

    Jim / crewzer
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