Wind turbine newbie - advice please!

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Hello guys,

I would like to add a small 300w 24v wind turbine to my existing solar setup which is as below:

8 Trojan T105RE - wired for 450Ah 24v
4 Solarworld 230W panels
Outback Flexmax 60 MPPT
Victron Mulitiplus 3000 inverter

I have a spare Tristar 45a which I suspect I can use with the wind turbine enabling its load diversion function. My questions are:

1.Can the Flexmax cooperate with the Tristar and whats happening with the voltages / charging when for instance the flexmax is in float mode and the wind turbine works at the same time? Will the 2 controllers 'fight' for charging the batteries creating a big mess?
2. Can I use a water heater element to divert the excess load from wind in order to warm the water in my boiler tank and if the wind turbine is 300w what is the correct wattage for the element?

Many thanks in advance!


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    Re: Wind turbine newbie - advice please!

    Yes the two controllers should work fairly well together. There may be a slight "argument" over charge stage or Voltage at times, but not enough to affect the system adversely. Both of these controllers can be programmed to a fine degree which will make adjusting parameters viable. Usually you'd have the dump load controller's numbers slightly higher than the PV controller.

    A water heater element is a common dump load. Which one may also take some experimenting as a matter of how much power the turbine will actually produce. And that is a big question because of the two issues that always crop up with these: do you really have enough wind hitting the blades to make the rated power and is the turbine actually capable of producing that rated power?

    If I were you I would make every effort to determine that before spending any money on the turbine or worrying about sizing the dump load.
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