Motors From Reel to Reel

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I have read that motors from old reel to reels are useful for creating a wind generators. I recently purchased on and removed the motors. The have 5 wires coming from the motor and I cant find any combination of the wires that produce power when the motor is turned. I feel like I'm missing something here can someone explain to me how to get power from these guys? I can post pictures later if that will help.


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    Re: Motors From Reel to Reel

    Stop and think a moment. Were these motors originally designed to be used outdoors in all weather?

    There's where it all starts to fall apart.
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    Re: Motors From Reel to Reel

    And having once worked with old reel to reel recorders, almost all the motors were of the induction type, having no magnets in or on the rotor, thus would not be capable of acting as you may have expected. Many of those motors were also of relatively high speed, driving a larger, heavy flywheel/capstan assembly through a belt. All that, combined with the fact they were not designed or built to be exposed to weather, or have heavy loading on their bearings, virtually ensures failure as a wind generator.
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    Re: Motors From Reel to Reel

    There is/where a lot of smaller wind turbine projects created used servo motors for computer tape drive systems (typically not audio tape systems).

    Other Power is a great website for DIY wind systems.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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