Cool Solar Power Cost Calculator

I just stumbled upon this cool solar power cost calculator

The nice thing about it is that it allows you to include costs of off grid equipment and installation as well. It spits out a very nice graph showing the cost/kWh over time.

Unfortunately it calculates the cost in Euros - but it is an open source program available on GitHub in case someone wants to modify it to use their currency of choice..


  • SolInvictusSolInvictus Solar Expert Posts: 138
    Re: Cool Solar Power Cost Calculator

    Nice calculator assuming the PV system is not expanded during the lifetime of the PV panels. The ongoing expansion of my system makes the cost complicated to compute.
  • jason.bickjason.bick Registered Users Posts: 1
    Thanks for the post! I've been searching for similiar applications for some time already, and I've came a croos a very functional app like the one you suggested (check it out: It does all the calculations and can be used both by home users and professionals.
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