DatCom Card

Hi guys

Im a little confused. I have a Fronius IG Plus V 3.0 uni inverter. I want to hook it up to the internet so I can see daily production and stuff. I thought I needed just the Dat Com card, so I bought it, cost me $90. It says part number IR-03-368 and it looks like this:

Attachment not found.

But then I got the idea, from reading somewhere, that I need the data logger box!

So i started looking for a data logger box and found this:


but it reads like so:

"The Datalogger is available either as a plug-in card or box."

So this is all very confusing. I don't want to log anything on my computer. I just want to have the data sent to solar web.com and see it online.

Anybody use this before, how does it work?
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