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Hi Guys,
I've been using a 60 amp circuit breaker as a battery disconnect between my battery bank and my inverter (FX3524). My breaker has started to trip with particular loads (i.e. microwave). My question is should I use a 125 or larger amp breaker, or could I use a non-fused disconnect switch? Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Battery Disconnect


    Outback recommends a 250 A DC breaker for the VFX3524.

    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Battery Disconnect

    Thanks, Crewzer.
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    Re: Battery Disconnect

    Just make shure all the wiring is sized for the new breaker if going from a 60 to a 250 the 250 normaly uses 4/0 you could have as small as 6 or 8 gauge on the 60 witch will melt before the 250 trips. :-o
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    Re: Battery Disconnect

    Thanks 1/2,
    I currently have 2/0 on the battery side and 4 ga on the inverter side. I could change easily enough, not much of a run only about 2 feet each side.
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    Re: Battery Disconnect

    You could use a non-fused disconnect if you have a fuse in there someplace. I believe the requirement is for disconnect and current overload but they don't have to be the same device.

    As others have said the most important thing is to make sure your fuse/breaker is sized properly according to wire size.
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