INSTALL Or NOT TO INSTALL, That is the question

So I came across a screaming good deal on some sunpower spwr-327 at .79 per watt. I'm a huge designer and installer of micro inverters.

Its hard to find a micro that will work with that high of a voltage range.

Power one claims for their 60hz, 320WP 0.3.I OUTD-US that the inverter will accept 320, not the 327 that the panels are rated at.

The Max voltage DC input of the inverter is 60 volts, yet has an efficiency operating range between 18~58v.

The spwr panel VMP is 54.7V, VOC is 64.9V.

My concern is on a cold day should I be concerned about voltage spike PTC with the panel exceeding 58V (VMP) from STC nameplate. Really, we are talking 7 watts, and the IMP is only a fraction of the max input that the inverter can handle.

I would think that the power one would add some sort of voltage protection against voltage spikes even for 320 watt panels that would exceed STC on cold days.

So do I go with this inverter and place my bets on the 10 year labor warranty with this client.

Suggestions, and opinions highly recommended.
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