ProStar is on my mind...

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After Mikey posted his MorningStar ProStar Question thread, I decided to browse through the ProStar Operator's Manual.

In Section 3 - "Quick Start Instructions", item number 10, it states, "It is recommended that the system be properly grounded."

At the moment, the only wiring that goes directly to the grounding rods (2 each - 10' rods), are the frames of the solar panels.

The controller is not attached to the ground rods. The batteries are not attached to the ground rods.

This is the first time, I am a shamed to say, that I have bothered to think about this since the install was completed.

Anyway, should the batteries and / or controller also be attached / connected to the grounding rods?

(I believe that I read elsewhere, internally, all negative terminals of the controller are bonded together. Therefore, I should only have to ground one negative terminal as well?)


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    Re: ProStar is on my mind...

    The system should function fine with or with out grounding.

    The general idea is that grounding (the battery negative lead usually) is that fuses and breakers are then placed in the positive leads leaving the battery bus bar--And if there is a "hot" (+) to (for example) metal water pipe, the fuse/breaker will pop and prevent dangerous current flow.

    A secondary reason for ground is if solar array is up high (roof or pool mount) or is in a lightning prone area--The grounding helps dissapate the static electricity (and any near/direct lightning strikes) to earth. Obviously, lightning is a lot of energy (current and voltage)--And grounding is only a help, not a guarantee of safety.

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