Servo motors use as generators.

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I've been signing up on a lot of the enegry forums from electric cars to hho generation to solar and wind power. I've been playing around with much of the technology myself. I've built an EV in the past and currently doing a motorcycle conversion to electric. I'm designing DC control modules that can be used from anything from motor control (ac or dc) to solar or windmill regulation to hho generation. It's a VERY scalable design. I'll post more on that when the prototypes are finished.

I'm also cleaning out the garage and forgot about these 2 servo motors I had and figured they would work well as generators on a windmill. Item is 110259431645 for anyone interested.

I have another question I'd like to throw at you guys but I'll do that in another thread.

I hope I can make some friends here that also live "outside the box". :D


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    Re: Servo motors use as generators.

    very good on the evs. maybe you can post some pics and diagrams with more details given as to operations and equipment used.
    as to the servo motors maybe you'll get something from them, but the numbers you give us are meaningless unless you can tell us what the numbers are for (as in what catalog). in any case i doubt they'll output enough for a wind genny.
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    Re: Servo motors use as generators.

    It is an Ebay auction...

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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