Attention all forum members

There have been a number of incidents lately that have created extra work for the moderators. Some of these have been a result of technical problems with the forum itself, which hopefully will be resolved this week.

Others are a direct result of people behaving badly. Five minutes into my day today I already had to delete two posts that were technical gibberish, two that were trying to start an argument, and lock one thread that was attempting to bring up an old argument again. And I see Bill has had to do some editing to remove insulting remarks. Again.

Some of this seems to be a direct result of certain people who have enough knowledge to make them think they are 'experts'. They waltz in here with an attitude that they are going to tell everyone how it's done. They never try reading anything first to see who might already know how and if possibly someone might know better. A little of it is due to poor command of the language and lax typing skills which cause them to express themselves in a way which comes across wrong.

If you think I'm talking about you specifically, you may be right. But you are not alone. Trust me; we've been busy of late.

So everyone keep in mind the following:

1). READ before your write.
2). Do not make personal remarks, especially not insulting ones, to anyone.
3). Do not start arguments with anyone. Especially not moderators.
4). Do not assume you know everything. No one does. What's more, even when your facts are right they aren't always right in all situations.

We try to be fair and decent around here. But there is another way of moderating which involves slash & burn editing and a lot of deletions and banning. Don't make us use it.

If you can't follow the rules, go play in your own sandbox.
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