need relay and other info for motion lights in series to also activate low voltage bzr

Hello everyone, I am not sure where to post this. this seems correct but if not then I apologize.

I am trying to wire three PIR motion sensing flood lights together so that a low voltage chime or buzzer will sound when the lights come on. I am aware of the wireless units available now that do this individually but I already have the 120vac motion flood light units.

I am having some difficulty trying to determine what exact relay I will need. I want to put a relay on the sensor output wire (120vac) that I can use to switch a 12vdc or maybe much less voltage depending upon what I use for the chime.

one complication I foresee so far is that the flood lights are set for a 10 minute on duration so I need to learn how to use that basically constant output to trigger a relay that will provide only a pulsed or momentary and much lower voltage output.

how can I do this? I dont know very much about relays (especially 120vac types), one question I have: is the output voltage within specific range or will one that has a 12vdc output (switch) also work for much lower voltages (as low as 3 volts)

I think so far I need a 120vac relay since that is the voltage coming from flood light trigger wires I want to connect into and it seems the output (switch) if it is rated for 120VAC it should be OK to use for very low amperage 12vdc or less. am I wrong here?

also think a "Latched" Normally Open (NO) and Single Position, Single Throw (SPST) should work, no? at least I think this would give me something I could transfer one voltage signal into a different one and from there is where I need to learn how to change the constant signal to a pulsed or momentary one to activate the chime or buzzer with but if there is a different type better suited for this please advise.

what I hope to end up with is the three motion lights that are on the same circuit activating interactively (any of the three sensors will trigger All three lights) AND providing an audible notification when this happens.

anyone have some good suggestions or advice for this?



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