Cheap PMA for Low Wind DIY

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I'd like to build a small wind generator. According to the Canadian Wind Atlas, the location it will be mounted in has a mean wind speed of 4.42 m/s. I don't have any expectations of getting a return on my investment, this is just for my own entertainment, so I'm looking for the lowest cost option that isn't a toy. I'd prefer a 12V system.

I'm wondering if any of these PMAs on eBay are not complete garbage:
(For some reason eBay sellers charge far less for shipping to Canada than online stores, so I'd prefer to get one from there.)

Thank you!


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    Re: Cheap PMA for Low Wind DIY
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    I emailed once to this guy. It appears he can wind a custom units to your specs if needed.

    If I remember correctly, Canadian Wind Atlas lists wind at the hight of 30m, or was it 50m?