An Open Letter to the Arizona Public Service Company

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feature-0-1384965375050.jpg Dear Chairman and Commissioners: We missed it on this one — not because a fee was implemented or because that fee was too high or too low. We missed it because we didn’t do enough to uncover the true effects, both positive and/or negative, of distributed rooftop solar. APS initiated this process with one fundamental goal in mind: to set a precedent



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    Re: An Open Letter to the Arizona Public Service Company

    Something smells here.
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    Re: An Open Letter to the Arizona Public Service Company

    After reading the memo, it occurred to me that what is needed is to compare the rate of return the Utilities made on their investment in Physical Plant since the construction of same, and the average rate of return on a bank deposit in the same period(s), with the Current Rate of Return that can be obtained now.

    The reality is that there is a new business paradigm, long gone are the good old days of a guaranteed 8% return, or more, on investment ... The overnight Bank Rate here in Canada is 1% and the Central bank is talking about the need to lower it! Determination of Rate of Return is in need of a wakeup call!
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    Re: An Open Letter to the Arizona Public Service Company

    APS should open their books for an independent audit and the ACC should see how much actually goes to maintain the grid. At that point a fix cost to attach should be made part of the rate tariff for all consumers and the per kWh roll up should be eliminated. All persons attached then get to pay for the same benefit of having the grid. Then the benefit costs for solar should be taken into account when making a payment back to the distributed generators in $$$ credit. The generation and transmission fees then become the generators cost benefit.