APS Loses Battle Against Solar

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The first battle between a large electrical utility and consumers dedicated to choice, competition and clean energy ended this week with a The post APS Loses Battle Against Solar appeared first on Solar Feeds.

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    Re: APS Loses Battle Against Solar

    The last 2 paragraphs sum up what will probably evolve to a reasonable billing model.
    The business models of utilities must evolve to match the relative costs of each element of a utility
    and thus allow stabiity of the service. Utility business models must evolve to a “Grid Maintenance”
    fee, a voltage and frequency reference fee, an “Amp Available” fee and then an energy fee at Time of day.
    That would mean each customer would pay a flat fee for grid maintenance, a scaled fee for the number of amps
    on their service drop and a fixed fee for voltage/Frequency (Ancillary service) fee and then a time of use
    fee for the actual cost of electricity they consume.This means the utilities must move to smart meters, smart tariffs and a smart grid.

    APS has taken a first step with a grid fee tied to array size, which would nicely match an ancillary service fee,
    if the commission can place a flat rate fee on all users for the size of their service drop and begin charging users
    to time of use cost, they can evolve to a sustainable model. if APS does not follow this first step but seeks to go to
    war against solar they will find themselves warring against a technology shift that will still destroy their
    business much as many new technologies have.