?? About Wiring Genset w/3 pole connection to 4 pole input to inverter


New here, but not new to AE specifically solar array powered 24v system.
Have had my gear in storage, now have reinstalled it.

Never had genset power-in before. Got a Generac 8000 XGS electric start
with NEMA L-14 30amp output. Have stacked Trace SW 4024 inverters and
wired the power cord input to Reliance NEMA L-14 30 outdoor box and then
connected hot and common to ea inverter.

Worked fine on first start-up! Nothing like thrill of success... Stack unit
charges the battery (4 L-16s of our 12 Trojans are still strong). Gonna connect
the solar panels next...

Question is this: Have a 3600watt older Nissan genset bought way back when,
but since the Generac only uses about 20% of capacity doing charging, thought
I would use the Nissan when just want to charge the battery...

The Nissan has a 120vac NEMA type socket which puts out 30 amps and a 240vac
two-horizontal hot lug socket that does 15amps. Bought a female NEMA L-14 30a
plug to send power through the powercord & reliance box to inverters.

Maybe all I need is 30a 120volts for the Trace 4024s. Guess the stack unit would
see power only to inverter 1 and go from there.... Dunno.

Wiring this configuration I suppose should use hot, common and ground.

Seems the 240vac 30amp setup would allow more efficiency. Maybe not?
But since have only 3 input lugs on the generator connector and 4 on the Reliance
box, should I just double wire the ground generator side plug for common and ground
to the Reliance box, or????

Still have not grounded either generator, or done separate ground for the 4024 setup.
All is tied into the panel-box ground tied to house main panel. Feel safe enough with this
as intend to run separate grounds to the ground rod before going fulltime on the installation.
Just doing interim testing right now.

Thoughts on tying common & ground pole together and running ea wire to the 4 pole input box?

Thanks very much. Really an awesome board with great contributors!
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