Exposure Taking Toll on Arizona Utility Monopolies

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feature-0-1383764227236.png For years we have trusted the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to properly regulate our utility monopolies. This, after all, is what we have elected these officials to do on our behalf. But it’s no easy task. Our utilities do everything they can, hopefully within the constraints of the law, to influence policies which will further their busines



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    Re: Exposure Taking Toll on Arizona Utility Monopolies

    This article suggests just what I suspected, they got the current commission elected with their deep pockets. Making campaign contribution towards the ACC is suppose to be illegal and for sure it is immoral, but it looks like they did it anyway. In the last election the solar candidates were all defeated, one wonders how much money APS spent to get that to happen.

    Perhaps it is also time to address this with the state attorney general.