Power company offers hybrid PV/battery lease systems

zonebluezoneblue Solar Expert Posts: 1,218 ✭✭✭✭
Knowig even a tiny bit about network constraints its a no brainer to see this sort of powerco sponsored hybrid thing was coming. Incls. 10kW lithium, for both grid fail and peak support back to grid.

"SunGenie combines modern solar panels, a smart control unit, battery storage and an online dashboard to make the most of the solar power available to you. SunGenie helps us run a better power network too...
SunGenie uses the latest solar panels to turn sunlight into electricity, stored in batteries to use when the sun isn’t shining. So you could even use solar power at night! And in the unlikely event of a power outage, SunGenie could power selected appliances in the average home for up to four hours ...
Help us spread the load. One of the reasons Vector is running this pilot programme is that it helps us balance load across the network and run a more efficient system for everyone."

1.8kWp CSUN, 10kWh AGM, Midnite Classic 150, Outback VFX3024E,

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