Emergency disconnect for first responders (fire)

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KNOX-VAULT® 4500 Series Power Shutdown.
Alternative Applications:
The device can also be wired to shutdown electrical equipment and systems such as generators, power distribution centers, photovoltaic/solar powered systems.
Fully tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories as anti-theft devices. Alarm tamper switches are UL listed as Central Station Alarm Units. UL Electrical Range:
Electrical Ratings:
Main Switch: 24-480VAC, 125VA MAX, PILOT DUTY, PER CONTACT BLOCK; Two contact blocks per switch; Double Pole, Double Throw (DPDT)
Tamper Switch: 24VDC, 50mA, general use
Use 75°C wire only
Enclosure Rating: Type 2, 3R
Ambient Air Temperature Rating: -40°C / +65°C; -40°F / +149°F

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