xw 4548 config tool problem update

t00lst00ls Solar Expert Posts: 245 ✭✭✭
for a while now I have had to be on grid because my inverter wasnt putting out the right voltage.
This stems from the new config tool program having an extra setting called set ac output(yes I messed with it).

what happened was for some reason the inverter was only putting out 96 volts one time and I tried to update it, the minimum for 240 inverter is 105, I'm guessing the minimum for a 120 inverter is 96, which I did do the conversion once.

this is how I fixed it.....I turned off the ac grid power, put the inverter in standby, opened the set ac output menu, put 105 in the box,put the system into operating mode and hit update real quick, rebooted the system

now the inverter output was at 105....at this point you can set the inverter output between 105 and 130....I recommend setting it to the grid voltage

this would not have been a problem if I still had it setup for 120 volts

to normally set the output....you just put the numbers in that you need, with the grid ac off and update, then turn your grid ac back on
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