Midnite Solar Quad Enclosure

Would like to know if the conduit knockouts on the midnite quad breaker box line up with the knockouts on the classic charge controllers?

Would like to mount my classics on top of these breaker boxes.



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    Re: Midnite Solar Quad Enclosure

    I'm not at home so I can't check mine but a quick look at the CAD drawings found on Midnites website will probably answer your question:

    Quad Box

    Classic CC

    If the drawings aren't enough - try asking on the Midnite Forum
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    Re: Midnite Solar Quad Enclosure

    It appears that the two Conduit holes of the Classic have the same centers as does the Quad box -- 2.00"

    However the Classic conduit holes are sized for 1" nipples, and the Quad box has one 3/4"/1" knockout and one that is only 3/4". The 3/4" KO could be drilled with a hole-saw or punched for 1", or PERHAPS a 3/4" nipple could be used. Since the Classic's enclosure is all cast, trying to adapt the from the 1" hole to a 3/4" nipple might not work out as you wish.

    YMMV, Vic
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    Re: Midnite Solar Quad Enclosure

    Thanks guys,

    was on the road all day...

    I could easily use a unibit and make that 3/4 into a 1" hole.

    I will post pics when I get them installed.
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    Re: Midnite Solar Quad Enclosure

    Ok I received the quad boxes today... the holes line up correctly but the box is not centered under the classic unless you flip the quad box.
    I will post some pictures tomorrow...
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    Re: Midnite Solar Quad Enclosure

    I found the time today to install a quad box under one of my classics.

    I am very happy with the results.

    The way I have my system wired is with the panels roof mounted, 30 feet to the MPV6 combiner with the little fuse holders, then 300 feet over to my power shed and into the quad box.

    I added the quad box for convenience when I needed to kill the PV input locally in the shed.

    Attachment not found.
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