A Big Thank You To NAWS Store

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I put in an order for various things to expand a small secondary system just before the Memorial weekend.
The paper work somehow didn't process correctly but once that was realized, the guys at Northern Arizona Wind & Sun store went in to action. Although it was now after business hours, they packaged up the products and got them on a truck to the airport. Everything arrived on my door step in 24 hours!

This was very important to me because the three day weekend was the only time I would have to work on the system expansion.

Thanks again for your extra effort (and the expansion worked out great)!

-Dave H


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    Re: A Big Thank You To NAWS Store

    Very happy to hear nice things about the host of our forum: NAWS!

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    Re: A Big Thank You To NAWS Store

    I try to always tell NAWS that I vote with my wallet and order from them due to this wonderful forum and they do a good job getting the goodies I want in a timely manner. I reccomend them highly and keep 'Voting'. hehe
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    Re: A Big Thank You To NAWS Store

    Last week I ordered a MN charge controller mounting bracket for an E Panel, shipped by Air mail to Canada. avoids the DHL/Loomis Surcharge at the border...

    Arrived 6 working days later. Way to go. Thanks NAWS
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