Electric dryer opportunity load

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We have been looking into a Haier 110 v electric dryer for opportunity loads. In the summer we have excess electric and have considered this, to pull the 220 v off line; anyone tried this brand ? We do use the solar clothes dryer (clothes line ) most of the time but, there are times like with the wife's work clothes that need to be kitty hair free that she will run the dryer......


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    Re: Electric dryer opportunity load

    I have no experience with this brand or model but it looks very nice. Almost a year ago I rewired our standard 240V drier for 120V. The only thing that was actually 240V in it was the heating element. Instead of running L1 and L2 to the heater, L1 went to the motor and controls, so I ran L2 and neutral to the heater. I did it because we had a SW Plus 5548 inverter at the time and the drier draws 1.7 kW on 120V instead of 4.8 kW on 240V. It does take longer to dry a load of clothes because the heat is a lot lower in the drum now - but it doesn't take THAT much longer.

    When we got our new XW inverter I was going to rewire it back to 240V and my wife said "no way". She likes the lower heat drying because it's way easier on the clothes. We get less lint in the screen and the fabrics (especially her delicate stuff like dresses, blouses and skirts) get much less damage using lower heat. So it has remained on 120V and it works fine.
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    Re: Electric dryer opportunity load

    Thanks Chris for the info, we may try both running the Haier now and later on this fall when I have more time I will rewire the 240v for 120v for larger loads........
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