Dealing with a broken panel on a portable folding Solarland 80w

Impact on the aluminum case cracked the glass on one of the two 40w panels linked wired together and feeling into the control. We'd be happy to rescue this equipment as (now that we have solar on a trailer) we use it only rarely.

Company isn't disposed to offer replacement glass. Right now the light showing that it's charging goes on and off as you giggle it. We're thinking of removing one panel to see if we can get it to charge properly.

Anyone ever tried something like this? Advice?

If we can get a replacement panel somewhere, the new ones are 45 watts , not 40, and the two panels are wired in series so are not identical.



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    Re: Dealing with a broken panel on a portable folding Solarland 80w

    A 45 watt panel is probably "close enough" for what you want (in Vmp/Imp). Many times, the two panels are identical but the new 45 watt panel has slightly better mfg tolerances--So they can claim a higher minimum power from it. See if you can get the old/new panel spec. from them. And, they may very well charge you about as much for a single panel+shipping as for the whole two panel system+shipping.

    If the two panels are in series (i.e,. two ~8 volt panels in series), then you are kind of hosed. 8 volt Vmp panels are not common and the whole system may be custom for them.

    The breaking glass is an issue with all solar panels--And one reason I don't really suggest getting folding glass panels and/or moving panels around and staking them to the ground for temporary power. They are too easy to break.

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