RV real life test of high voltage panel.

Shadowcatcher Solar Expert Posts: 228 ✭✭✭
We spent eight days in Lake Superior Provincial Park in a camp site on the beach.
Our teardrop trailer has a high voltage 185W solar panel fixed to the top and hooked into a Morningstar MPPT controller. The camp site was well shaded by trees and at best the panel got less than one hour full sun unshaded. 150AH Lifeline battery, monitored by a Victron battery monitor.
Loads include the LED lights, Two Antec three speed case fans, stereo and XM sat reliever, Surflow water pump, flat screen TV with DVD and 300W Morningstar Sursine inverter and the big load, a Waeco refrigerator set on freezing.
I do have a 144W Unisolar flex panel that can be put on an extension cord and staked out in the sun. However I decided to see how well the fixed system worked.
We did watch Hunt for Red October one night "you can wander state to state, with out papers" and each night used the reading lights and stereo.
The system lost ground a bit each day but at the end of day eight we were only down to 62% SOC. My feeling is that the high voltage combined with an MPPT controller gives you some usable current as long as the sun is up and that far north the sun set about 10PM.